Brief Bio and Key Policy Positions

My background and experience make me the best match for Texas Congressional District 22.
– Douglas Haggard

Douglas Haggard is a former Assistant District Attorney for Harris County, Houston, Texas, including Misdemeanor Court Chief Prosecutor and a District Court Chief Prosecutor.

Douglas Haggard is a fiscal conservative, a strong supporter of our civil liberties and of our Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution. His background in the law is varied as both a former Assistant District Attorney and a Chief Prosecutor for Harris County (Houston), Texas and as a Criminal Defense Attorney. Haggard refuses to be put into a box as to his political philosophy. He will be a good match to carry the torch for Republicans in the Texas Congressional District 22 race.

Carl Douglas Haggard

In High School, Douglas Haggard formed a Young Republicans Club and promoted Barry Goldwater in 1964 (“Au H2O”). He was warned that, if Goldwater won, the U.S. would become embroiled in a War in Vietnam within two years.

After receiving his B.A. Degree in History from the University of Houston where he was active on the Debate Squad, he graduated “With Honors” (Top 10%) from South Texas College of Law, Houston.

Douglas Haggard is licensed to practice Law in all Texas State Federal Courts, the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Douglas Haggard is a former Adjunct Professor at The University of Houston Law School. Before that, Haggard taught Undergraduate Classes in Criminal Justice (CJ) as an Adjunct Professor at The University of Houston Downtown leading to an Undergraduate Degree in Criminal Justice. For a while, he also taught CJ Courses at Abilene Christian College, Metrocenter (Houston) until U.H. began to offer the Courses.

In the years following his leaving The Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Haggard worked for a Plaintiff Personal Injury Law Firm and then for several Big Oil Companies in their Litigation Departments before opening his own Law Office.

In 1991 Douglas Haggard established the Haggard Law Firm, primarily for the practice of Civil Law and Criminal Defense and for Mediation and Arbitration.

Douglas Haggard is trained and experienced in Mediation and Arbitration.



Douglas Haggard supports:

  1. Continued Deregulation of Business – Remove the Harness Off Our Backs
  2. Targeted Tariffs – Return Lost Manufacturing and Jobs
  3. Smaller Federal Government – Aggressive Elimination of Unnecessary and Bloated Federal Bureaucracy
  4. Constitutionally Mandated Balanced Budget – Retire the National Debt
  5. Repeal of the Federal Income Tax – Institute Itemized Federal Sales Tax
  6. Restore Traditional Law Enforcement To Communities In Need – Traditional Types of “Patrol”
  7. Common Sense Immigration Policies – Stop the Flood of Illegal Immigrants


“The Chief Business of the American people is Business.”
– President Calvin Coolidge, January 17, 1925 in an address to the Society of American Newspaper Editors in Washington, D.C.


To fulfill the old saying that that is often misquoted as “The Business of America is Business”, Douglas Haggard knows that careful Deregulation and continued aggressive removal of the layers of government control that currently burden Business will allow a further renaissance of Economic Growth.

Douglas Haggard understands that the Captains of Industry were looking for a way to cut back on Labor costs and that this is the reason for the rush to adopting the so-called “Free Trade” Agreements that began the rush to take industry (and jobs) Offshore. Soon, both Republicans and Democrat lawmakers alike were, as Haggard says, “Worshiping at the Altar of Free Trade.”

Targeted Tariffs should be used to bring manufacturing back Onshore and to recoup lost jobs. Cries that Tariffs will start a so-called “Trade War” ignore the fact that other countries already severely restrict our access to their markets and, therefore, we are already in a struggle with them. The “Trade War” was started by our “trading partners” and institutionalized by unfair Trade Agreements that must continue to be either re-negotiated or voided. Douglas Haggard supports President Trump’s efforts to return manufacturing and jobs back to our shores because it is having a positive effect in helping our economy to bring back lost manufacturing and return the resulting lost jobs to our Citizens.

Douglas Haggard will do everything he can to both keep jobs here and to bring manufacturing back Onshore, which will return jobs to the United States.


“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

– Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1776

Douglas Haggard believes in a smaller and limited federal government. As the power any national government increases, the freedom and choices of the individual in that society necessarily decreases. With increased federal bureaucratization of America comes Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures that the central government uses as a bludgeon to stifle both businesses and citizens alike.

The Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and the Agriculture Department should be eliminated. They serve no useful purpose and the States should take over these areas free from federal interference.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) should be folded into existing Federal Agencies: Alcohol and Tobacco would be taken over by the Commerce Department. Firearms and Explosives would go to the FBI.

Douglas Haggard believes that this would be a good start on what he calls “The Abolishment”.


We need a constitutionally mandated Balanced Federal Budget. Interest on our National Debt is the single most expensive Budget Item and this cannot continue. We must both Balance the Budget and also start paying down on the existing Debt. We must stop growing the ever-expanding budget and the National Debt by irresponsible spending.

Douglas Haggard proposes a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He also supports the concept of a “Line Item Veto” for the President to help control spending that can be overridden by a vote of two-thirds of the House of Representatives (or the Affirmative Vote of 290 of those Representatives, assuming a current House of Representatives of 435 Members).

Douglas Haggard proposes that every Department of the Federal Government that remains after “The Abolishment” should cut 5% of its actual Budget in Year One and 1% each year thereafter for 10 years. (And this means the actual Budget and not just the “Growth of the Budget” that some clever people argue is a “Cut” when the Budget is not increased each year by some factor.) The Department of Defense and Homeland Security would be exempt from this downsizing requirement.


Douglas Haggard will advocate for repeal of the Federal Income Tax, which was allowed only after Amendment XVI was passed to overturn the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against any Tax that is not evenly applied to everyone.

The Income Tax Amendment should be repealed.

Douglas Haggard supports a National Sales Tax because it is a Uniform Tax. It will be mandated that this National Sales Tax must appear as an Itemized Cost on every effected sale exactly as do state and local taxes so that everyone buying (and selling) will see the effect of federal taxation.


“I understand from my Law Practice about the struggle of Blacks and Latinos trying to live their lives in their neighborhoods and to work and to raise their families. I am very proud to represent People of Color and also humbled by their putting their lives and futures in my hands to represent them and to speak for them in Court.”

– Douglas Haggard


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”

– Albert Einstein

Douglas Haggard advocates “Traditional Neighborhood Policing” in High Crime Areas where pairs of Police Officers of Color patrol on foot. They would operate from neighborhood “Precinct Substations” and would not engage in the failed present system of aggressive “Zero Tolerance” policing only from patrol cars.

The present system that depends on Officers in Patrol Cars pulling over Citizens for minor infractions and the wrong-headed “Stop & Frisk” laws rarely yields competent Intelligence and Information and only alienates people.

Douglas Haggard sees clearly from his years as a Former Prosecutor and as a Defense Attorney that many problems flow from the Wrong Kind of Law Enforcement against the Wrong People in the Wrong Way. And he clearly sees the solution.

As a former Assistant District Attorney for Harris County, Douglas Haggard understands and supports local Law Enforcement. He “Backs the Blue”. His work as a Defense Attorney and as a Former Prosecutor has shown him that People of Color are the usual Victims of crime by other People of Color. Law Enforcement must be color blind, as should the Criminal Justice System.

Douglas Haggard has spoken to many Police Officers during his career. They are almost unanimous that the current system of “Flood the Zone with Police” in patrol cars in “High Crime Areas” with orders to have “Zero Tolerance” for things like minor traffic infractions to try to uncover other crimes is not a good allocation of Law Enforcement resources, nor is it an effective in deterring crime. Haggard has seen how these ineffective practices only alienate the good people in the communities who end up viewing all Police Officers with suspicion and even hostility. It is not a good way to win “the Hearts & Minds” of people whom the Police are there to protect. People want protection and peace in their neighborhoods. They don’t want Crime, Drugs and Gangs; they do want proper law enforcement that renders them safer and they certainly want relief from the Drug Lords and the Gang Bangers who infest their streets and turn their neighborhoods in virtual War Zones. Haggard’s Plan for smarter Law Enforcement would make a difference in the High Crime Neighborhoods of the poor and underprivileged.

Additionally, simply having a policy about this is clearly not enough and the Police Officers on the “Beats” must be given more Discretion in these neighborhoods to create a safer neighborhood without being seen as the oppressors by the citizens who also want a safe neighborhood.

Douglas Haggard proposes targeted Federal Grants to assist local Law Enforcement build Neighborhood Substations and assign “Beat Officers” of Color to patrol in pairs on foot to help re-establish good relationships with all the good people in poor and underprivileged neighborhoods and to cease the current system of “Zero Tolerance Policing” out of patrol cars. To achieve this, Haggard fully realizes that initially there would be additional danger to “Beat” Patrol Officers but Patrol Officers of Color that he has talked to genuinely want to make a real difference for their neighborhoods.

Incidentally, and beneficially, this would necessitate more recruiting of People of Color to fulfill this Mission.


“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a Nation.”

– Ronald Reagan

Douglas Haggard supports continue to create a strong and permanent barrier along our Southern Border to prevent illegal immigration at the Border, Human Trafficking and the Transport of Drugs. However, he does not support the current “metal wall” with the Slats. Haggard calls the structure being built a “Metal Monstrosity that is nothing more than a Dandified Fence that is being cut through with Home Depot power tools.” Haggard has stated:

“I propose a Proper Wall made of large stone blocks, closely fitted together without the use of any mortar. We can get all the large stone blocks we need, cut from the Davis Mountains around the Big Bend area, and transport them by rail. It would look like, but of course be smaller than, the Great Wall of China. I’d lean the South Side of the Wall toward the South like this \__| by graduating the placement of the large stones to the South as they are stacked up, but resulting in a smooth surface. At regular intervals the North Side should be fitted with large steps to make it easy to quickly climb. This would be a real Wall and not this Dandified Fence that will be on the ground before too long.”

Because illegal immigration adversely impacts lower wage earners and the Latino and Black neighborhoods, it must be stopped and Deportation Hearings must be expedited. Illegal immigration should continue to be a criminal act. Citizens in the Latino and Black neighborhoods also want strict enforcement of our immigration laws exactly because illegal immigration does adversely affect them directly.

Just as with other crimes whenever a child is involved (such as in a DWI, an Assault case, a Sexual Assault case, cases of Neglect and Abuse, etc.), illegal immigration with a child across a dangerous frontier should also be an Aggravated Immigration Offense that would subject the offender to enhanced punishment and not additional benefits.

Douglas Haggard supports repeal of birthright citizenship as contained in the first sentence in the first paragraph of Amendment XIV. This provision was intended and necessary to secure citizenship rights for the newly freed slaves – but is now being abused by Illegal Immigrants. No other country in the World provides for citizenship in this way. Citizenship of a newborn child is usually determined by the citizenship of the mother or the parents and this is the way it should also be in the United States.

Douglas Haggard supports continuing to create a strong and permanent barrier along our Southern Border to prevent illegal immigration at the Border, Human Trafficking and the transport of drugs.



Douglas Haggard is opposed to abortions except in the case of Incest, Rape and the Life of the Mother. He does not support taxpayer-funding of abortions or support of agencies like Planned Parenthood which conduct abortions or provide abortion services, including referral services, for abortion, except in the case of Incest, Rape or Life of the Mother.


“As the late Republican Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois once said: ‘The basic philosophy of any successful conflict is to always pursue a winning course and always change a losing game.’ ”

– Douglas Haggard

“To attain the goals that I propose in order to Save Our Union, we need substantial amendments to our U.S. Constitution and possibly a strictly limited Constitutional Convention under Article V.”

– Douglas Haggard

Douglas Haggard could support a Limited Call for a Constitutional Convention under Article V, but also fears a result such as occurred after the Philadelphia meeting following our War for Independence from England that was called to secretly (no Press, no Witnesses) consider amending the Articles of Federation, but ended up with a Constitution that failed to contain any guarantee of individual liberty. Subsequently, there was a fight for our Bill of Rights to amend that Constitution which had no guarantee of individual liberty but only created a strong centralized national government.

Douglas Haggard believes that we need to fight again – and he intends to lead that fight – to put the Federal Beast back into its Constitutional Cage. Already mentioned above is repeal of the Income Tax Amendment XVI. [See also: Jeffrey St. John’s Award Winning Books “Child of Fortune” and “Forge of Union”.]

Douglas Haggard also supports either repeal or further amendment of Amendment XVII that changed the Constitution to provide for the popular election of U.S. Senators. During a time of the rise of populism, the Constitution was amended to provide for the popular election of the two Senators who were supposed to be appointed by the State Legislatures to represent the States and, therefore, were supposed to be removed from being influenced by elections. Haggard knows that this terrible undermining of the delicate “Checks and Balances”, provided under our original Constitution though the genius of its Authors, has turned the Senate into just another House of Representatives. Senators were supposed to be held accountable to the State legislatures and to keep a check on the powers of the federal government and especially of the House of Representatives. Senators were not supposed to have to stand for election. Delegates to the House of Representatives are beholding to the people of their Districts and should stand for election; Senators should not stand for election because they are there to check the power of the federal government and actions of the populist House of Representatives.

However, if it should be finally decided by the People after a thorough re-examination of the utility of Amendment XVII that Senators should continue to be elected, then there should be Term Limits imposed by Constitutional Amendment on Senators of no more than three 4-Year Terms for a total of no more than 12 years by appointment or election.

Members of the House of Representatives should also have Term Limits imposed by Constitutional Amendment that would have them running every 4 years (instead of the current 2-Year Terms that require them to be in a constant state of re-election) with the same limitations as Senators of no more than three 4-Year Terms for a total of no more than 12 years by appointment or election.

The federal judiciary should also have a type of Term Limit which would be called “Retainage” and provide that every 8 to 10 years, maximum, the records of federal judges must undergo close scrutiny by the Senate to determine if their tenure has been marked by controversial rulings that tended to legislate or push beyond the bounds of legislative enactments. As it took only a majority vote of the Senators present to Affirm a judiciary appointment, the same majority vote would be required to “Retain”

[See: Mark Levine’s Book “The Liberty Amendments”. Note: Haggard does not necessarily endorse every proposition in Levine’s book but supports most of it. For instance, in addition to what is stated here, Haggard would also amend the Preamble that has been cited by some courts to support giving sweeping power to the federal government – even though preambles to an enactment are not legally part of the enactment itself. Specifically, “to provide for the general welfare” should be omitted because this phrase has been referenced in support of granting sweeping new powers to the federal government on our way to becoming a Welfare State.]


In a Federal System (an association of Free and Independent States under a Compact involving a written Constitution that also protects Individual Liberties), balance must be maintained to prevent one or several States from monopolizing the process of selecting a Head of State (the President) by virtue of the sheer number of voters in that State. Conceivably, New York and California for instance would have disproportionate effect on the outcome of the race. Douglas Haggard insists that the Electoral College system be retained to select the President and Vice President.


Douglas Haggard wants Clean Air and Water – as do all people who love the outdoors as he does. He has a personal commitment to that goal.

Douglas Haggard is a Scuba Instructor with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI Instructor 15109, Certification Date 01-Jan-1987; Re-Certified by PADI Instructor Certification Course, August 2018). Clean Air and Water are important to him.

Douglas Haggard is the Manager of a small family owned ranch in Central Texas that is located just West of Kerrville, Texas. A Clean Environment is important to him.

Radical Environmentalists have proposed a “Green New Deal” to be imposed on the U.S. Douglas Haggard insists that any discussion about reduction of Air and Water Pollution and sensible consideration of Global Warming and Carbon Emission issues must include China, India, and other emerging nations who are the major contributors to the problem, not just the U.S.

Douglas Haggard knows that the US has made great strides in protection of the Environment but we can always do more – within reason. Haggard takes the position that whatever we can do on the human side of the equation should be done under the general principle of Conservation. However, major commercial projects that would greatly improve the lives of our citizens are often unreasonably delayed for lengthy “environmental studies” – or even unreasonably permanently derailed – under existing laws. Haggard supports amending those laws to favor expediting needed commercial projects and ventures that benefit our Nation.

Douglas Haggard has lived with his family for over 25 years within a few miles of a large Coal Plant that produces clean electricity with smoke stacks that emit only a wisp of water vapor. Clean Coal Energy is possible and he supports it wholeheartedly. Haggard is also a firm believer in Nuclear Energy which he sees as the Energy of the Future.

Douglas Haggard also recalls that, when he was a lad in school, the Fear Factor that was fed to young minds at that time was that there was going to be severe Global Cooling and that the world was on the verge of a New Ice Age. Haggard sees that the new “Extreme Green” that the radical Left push with their so-called “Green Agenda” is more for the purpose of gaining government control over our daily lives than preventing the End of the World in 10 years.


Douglas Haggard is a firm supporter our Right to Keep and Bear Arms under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. As a Lifetime Member of the NRA, he has constantly and consistently supported our firearm rights against encroachment by Federal, State and Local Governments. In language that our Forefathers made perfectly clear, the Federal Government “shall not infringe” on citizens’ Firearms Rights. “Infringe” means to encroach in the least bit.

Radical Democrats seek to outlaw and confiscate firearms that they describe as “weapons of war” that they allege are not protected by the Second Amendment. Douglas Haggard will be a vocal opponent of any such incorrect analysis of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Haggard knows by the history of the Second Amendment that common firearms of a military soldier are precisely what is protected by this Amendment. He knows that any other interpretation ignores the fact that the Second Amendment was enacted to be a prohibition against the newly formed Federal Government outlawing or seizing the firearms of Citizens of the Republic.

Douglas Haggard is always quick to point out that our Second Amendment was not instituted to protect duck and deer hunting rights of sportsmen. Whenever tragic mass shootings occur, people with an agenda to destroy the Second Amendment start urging “common sense gun control” – as if the rest of us who don’t agree with them don’t have “common sense.” Haggard knows that the meaning of the Second Amendment is that citizens may possess Rifles and Handguns at least equal to those possessed by a military soldier – and that any argument that we don’t have that right is legally and historically incorrect.

Democrats seem hell bent on taking away the Second Amendment a little at a time, and especially following every tragic mass casualty shooting.

After the tragic Columbine, Colorado school shooting, Douglas Haggard immediately proposed his “CAT” Program (“Concealed Arms for Teachers”) – a comprehensive proposal to allow specially selected and trained Teachers, Administrators and Custodial Staff to carry a firearm at a school to protect our children. He testified along with others before a Texas State Senate Joint Committee Hearing of Homeland Security and Education and presented his CAT Program. Changes were subsequently made in Texas law to facilitate Concealed Arms for Teachers along similar lines as proposed by Haggard.

As to all mass shootings, in addition to those at schools, Douglas Haggard is a proponent of having a firearm in the hands of someone at the point of attack. Businesses that prohibit both employees and Commercial Invitees from lawfully carrying concealed handguns create what Haggard calls “Free Fire Zones” for the shooters and this issue should be re-visited.

Douglas Haggard opposes so called “Red Flag Laws” because of Unintended Consequences, Lack of Effectiveness and Abuse. Citizens can have their firearms seized from them and find themselves locked up because someone reports that they have “said something” or they are accused of being “unstable”. Psychologists and Psychiatrists would be required to report their own patients to the government their who “might” constitute a threat. A national list of “Red Flagged” Persons would have to be created for reference and this creates enormous risks to our civil liberties and privacy. There are other and better ways for the States to deal with interventions into potentially dangerous people’s lives and such ways already do exist in every state of the Union for Emergency Psychiatric Detainers on unstable persons for observation. That story is not being told by the same news agencies that constantly beat the drum of “Gun Control”.

Douglas Haggard does support the idea that some limited type of violent juvenile history should follow the person into adult years as to the ability of that adult to purchase firearms, but it must also be admitted that people bent on violence will find ways to get firearms. How long and what information about a juvenile should follow them into adulthood is a proper area of inquiry that, in Haggard’s opinion, would not violate our Second Amendment Rights.


Douglas Haggard does not support our current way of calling for and conducting War. Foreign War has become more likely with the abdication of Congressional Oversight by discontinuing the constitutional requirement that only Congress can “Declare War”. So what do they do? They, the Cowards that they are, just never declare War but pretend to exercise the Power of the Purse to provide a check against the President’s going off to War with the military s/he commands. But once at War, there is then pressure to “Support the Troops”, as of course we should. The problem is getting into the War to begin with.

Of equal concern is being able to make an immediate response to being attacked. Haggard believes in our having the strongest, largest and most lethal military in the world, but one that is used in a constitutional manner. That means that the President, as Commander in Chief, cannot just go off to war with our military – except for our immediate defense – and then ask for permission and for funding afterwards.

Douglas Haggard supports an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would make it clear that the President may not “Conduct War” (which would be defined as anything other than defensive operations) without Congressional Authorization and would get us away from the idea of “Declaring War”.


  • Douglas Haggard knows that we have the greatest medical care in the world in the United States of America and will fight against it being destroyed by Socialized Medicine.
  • Douglas Haggard is in favor of keeping your existing Health Care Insurance Plans and being able to move it across state lines.
  • For any plan of National Health Care Insurance for people without any current Health Care Insurance, Douglas Haggard is against Pre-Existing Conditions being excluded.
  • Douglas Haggard is against “Medicare for All” and opposes providing free National Health Care Programs for Illegal Immigrants as proposed by most National Democrats.


Douglas Haggard proposes a Constitutional Amendment to Article I, Section 3 (Impeachment of the President) that would require a Two Thirds vote in the House of Representatives to issue Articles of Impeachment of the President – the same as the vote required in the Senate to convict. Comparing the House vote to a vote of a Grand Jury, this bring it into conformity with federal and State Grand Jury practice and properly discipline House Democrats.


Douglas Haggard will be a strong voice and a consistent supporter of Israel in Congress. Douglas Haggard’s sister, herself converting to Judaism, conducted research into the family background and determined that they have Jewish blood flowing from their Mother’s side of his family.


Douglas Haggard advocates that we stop coining the Penny and that we change the metal content of the Nickel. In researching the matter of the Penny, he found that the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) not only agrees about the Penny but also had done research on the Nickel. Millions of Dollars a year could be saved according to the GAO. Haggard knows that some critics inside the Washington Beltway would remark, “Only Millions?”, but every Million counts. The Idea is to find ways to cut the Federal Budget, and entire Departments, and to stop constantly growing that Budget.

* See []


Transportation Safety Administration should be privatized.


The Forest Service, currently part of the Agriculture Department (which Douglas Haggard proposes to abolish) should become part of the Interior Department.


Texas Congressional District 22