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Endorsement by Milton Wright

Milton Wright

Dear Voters of Texas Congressional District 22:

My name is Milton Wright and for 16 years I was the Sheriff of Fort Bend County. Prior to that, I retired as a Texas Ranger after that career of service to Texans.

I am writing you to express Marian and my strong support and endorsement for Republican Carl Douglas “Doug” Haggard for the 22nd Congressional District. Marian and I have known Doug for almost 25 years, and I can guarantee you that Doug is the best candidate to represent the 22nd District in Congress.

Doug served with honor and distinction in Harris County as an Assistant District Attorney and a Chief Prosecutor in both Misdemeanor and District Courts. He will “Back the Blue”.

I support Doug Haggard’s concept of Traditional Law Enforcement in High Crime Areas through “Neighborhood and Community Policing” with Police Officers on “Beats” who will bring a more “personalized” kind of Law Enforcement to the communities they serve. In fact, while I was Sheriff of Fort Bend County, I also had a few of these types of Patrols in place in needful areas that met with some success.

I also know that Doug Haggard has actually fought and taken the lead in the fight for our Second Amendment Civil Rights since the time of the Clinton administration against Washington politicians who would trample on them.

I know Doug will continue to “Take Point” in the battle against an ever-growing federal bureaucracy. He has the right ideas to try to “put the federal beast back into its constitutional cage”, as he likes to say.

I know he has the experience and background to fight for those things that are important to Marian and me and all Conservative Republicans, such as:

• Decrease Job-stifling and Excessive Federal Regulations;
• Balance the Federal Budget, Reduce Federal Debt, and Eliminate Bloated Federal Bureaucracy;
• Protect the Second Amendment from all Infringement;
• Decrease American Military Involvement Abroad that doesn’t Serve our National Interest;
• Enforce our Nation’s Immigration Laws and Our National Borders.

At this time the Democrat War Machine has raised more than $1,000,000 primarily from a National Super PAC, ACTBLUE, to target our District 22 in an attempt to flip the seat. Please support Carl Douglas “Doug” Haggard in this worthy fight for which he is imminently qualified.

—Milton and Marian Wright


Texas Congressional District 22